Report on “Discussions on ‘Internal Internationalization’ Ⅲ / Multicultural Exchange Forum” organized by students

On Saturday, October 21, 2017, an interactive symposium titled “With us, For us – Future which the world and I would create” was held at Meiji Gakuin University’s Shirokane campus and the participants exchanged their opinions about the various “Realities” within Japan. It was set up and run by the students who are learning at “Internal Internationalization” Project in Meiji Gakuin University. The number of participants were more than they expected and active discussions were held during the symposium.

One of the student staff members, Honoka Nakajima-san (Junior, Department of Social Work) wrote a report on that event and it is posted on the Meiji Gakuin University’s Website. Please click here to read the article.