For multilanguage and multiculture in general

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research
(As an advanced research and educational institution related to Multilanguage and Multicultural, the center offers detailed information)

CLAIR (Claire) General Council of Local Authorities for International Relations
(Detailed information on multilingual and multicultural, offered from a governmental standpoint)

Multicultural Center Tokyo
(Through Japanese teaching and learning support, we aim to realize a Multicultural Society)

Kanagawa International Foundation
(The foundation has been working in developing local society into multicultural symbiosis in Kanagawa Prefecture)

Earth Plaza(Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship)
(The group offers events and seminars related to issues in a global scale, international understanding and peace.)

SMJ (Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan)
(Supporting people related to foreign countries centering on human rights issues)